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  • Q: I’ve Been Calling! How can I get a hold of you? A: Our customer service schedules Monday-Sunday 9:30am to 6:00pm Pacific Standard time. You can also contact us at anytime at (Please allow 24 hours for a response). If you need to talk to us, please send an email with your contact info and we can communicate with you as soon as possible.
  • Q: I have a promo code, how do I use it? A: All promo codes must be input at the time of checkout by the customer. Our system will not allow us to manually adjust any costs on orders that have already been placed. We cannot apply any promo codes to prior purchases.
  • Q: How do your shoes run? A: Our sizes are based on US sizes. All shoes are given a size suggestion at the bottom of every shoe description. Please keep in mind that this is only a suggestion we understand that everyone’s foot size is different & your selection will be made upon personal preference. You know your foot best!
  • Q: Do you ship in original boxes? A: Yes, we ship in original boxes.
  • Q: What is my Areamil order number/ ID? & Where can I find it? A: You are given a unique order number to identify your purchase made with us. Your order number is located in all emails that you have received from our company, including your order confirmation. Please reference your order number upon contacting us about your order.
  • Q: What are your forms of payment? A: We accept any major credit/debit card as well as PayPal! You may choose the option you would like to use at checkout!
  • Q: Can we place orders over the phone with an Areamil representative? A: We ask that all customers place their orders online at or at to ensure that there are not any miscommunications during the order process. However, if you are having any trouble, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you. 
  • Q: When will you restock sold out shoes? A: As much as we would LOVE to provide you with an exact date for restocks, unfortunately we cannot! But GREAT NEWS! We upload new styles weekly! So if we do not bring back your favorite shoe, we will be bringing something very similar soon! 
  • Q: Can I be contacted if a certain style is restocked? A: Please follow us on all social media outlets and sign up for our mailing list for restock alerts. 
  • Q: How do I sign up for your mailing list and what are the special benefits?A: Signing up for our mailing list is totally easy! Scroll down to the section that indicates: JOIN OUR MAILING LIST, you may enter your email address in this section and click join! The benefits are you will always be in the know and officially become an Areamil Shoe Lover. You will be receiving EXCLUSIVE sales, promo codes, and restock alerts!